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Search uses * in database as a wildcard

Not sure what SQL server you're on, but hopefully this works on any (tested on MSSQL).

If you look at the documentation for LIKE, you see that the wildcard you need is _ (underscore). Operators in SQL, in general, can be used both ways (i.e. both field LIKE constant and constant LIKE field will work). So, without knowing you table structure (which would have been quite helpful actually), your query will look something like this:

'V123456789' LIKE REPLACE(Vehicles.Vin,'*','_')

I'm not sure about the performance here, but hopefully this should get you started in the right direction.

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Change your quote order, place single quotes at the beginning and end of your query, or vice-versa. $sql = 'SELECT * FROM handover WHERE hs LIKE "%'.$key.'%" OR WHERE nv LIKE "%'.$key.'%" OR WHERE vsa LIKE "%'.$key.'%"'; You also need to parameterise your queries rather than injecting variables directly into the query string. This will help you Prevent SQL Injection! UPDATE: Example of param

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first generate the model using gii ref ( then you can add following function in your controller public function actionSearch($id) { $model= new Yourmodel; $model=Yourmodel::model()->findByPk($id); //you will get the row for particular id // and you can access it by $model->name $model->location // render the requi

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Is search in database is always accurate?
First, let me answer your question: Is search in database is always accurate ? No. One good example is bloom filters. Bloom filters represent sets, and you can do the following operations on them1: add - adds an element isInSet - checks if a given element is in the set or not. The thing is, bloom filters are probabalistic data structures. They have False Positives (you ask is an element

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SELECT customerName FROM Customers WHERE (customerName LIKE 'c%' OR customerName LIKE 'g%') UPDATE: Although Edrich's answer is on the right track, it might not work. Even if it does, it's good practice anyway to put brackets around OR and AND statements to prevent confusion with the server. See this answer for more information.

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You can insert rows into the table productss you showed, then you can filter them with the WHERE clause. This would go something among the lines of: //This shows all the products with type 'My Type' : SELECT * FROM `productss` WHERE `type` = 'My Type' //This shows all the products where the category has the text 'abc' in it (so also 12abc34 or 12abc : SELECT * FROM `productss` WHERE `category`

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