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Python: Read in Data from File

The program can't magically split lines the way you want. You will need to read in one line at a time and parse it yourself based on the format.

Since there are two integers and an indeterminate number of (what I assume are) space-delimited words, you may be able to use a regular expression to find the integers then use them as delimiters to split up the line.

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To accomplish this, one must modify another frame on the call stack. Be warned, this is dependent on the Python implementation. For example, in Python 2.7, the inspect module and sys.settrace() can be used to modify locals() on a specific frame. I would highly recommend using a Python solution, as was done in this answer, and monkey patch the desired class' __init__ function. For instance, the

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It's pretty hard to tell here, but I think what you're asking is how to: Launch a program in the background. Send it input, as if it came from a user on the console. Read its output that it tries to display to a user on the console. At the same time, run another thread that does other stuff. The last one is pretty easy; in fact, you've mostly written it, you just need to add a thread1.start()

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don't know windows 8 but you can probably set the default prog for a specific extension, for example on windows 7 you do right click => open with, then you select the prog you want and select 'use this prog as default', or you can remove your old version of python from your path and add the one of the anaconda

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