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Cannot understand if this is circular dependency or Clang

Well, this doesn't completely tell you what's wrong, but hopefully will point you in the right direction. The problem is that quaternionbase_assign_impl doesn't support 3X1 matrices, it seems. (Unless there is other code that is getting into the translation unit somehow.) There is a forward declaration of it:

template<typename Other,
         int OtherRows=Other::RowsAtCompileTime,
struct quaternionbase_assign_impl;

Then there are two specializations:

template<typename Other>
struct quaternionbase_assign_impl<Other,3,3>
{ ... };


template<typename Other>
struct quaternionbase_assign_impl<Other,4,1>
{ ... };

There is no "generic" definition of the template. Thus, when the compiler tries to instantiate

3, 1, 0, 3, 1>, 3, 1>

there is no match. Note that the 3X1 comes from the forward declaration, where the default template arguments are given. If you post the full error message, we might be able to track down the beginning of the chain of instantiations that ultimately is trying to cause a 3X1 quaternionbase_assign_impl to be instantiated.

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Take a look at dependency injection or Inversion of control. Demos and pattern info. Plenty of examples and explanations. You use and Interface defintion in a core layer. The dependency is defined and passed into that layer. The other project references the project with the interface definition. The target layer does NOT reference the outer layer. So outer layer can change implementation and al

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I'm not sure why, but the error says it is looking for API::V1::CitysController class in your citys_controller.rb file and you have Api::V1::CitysController. So first and foremost change the name of your class to API::V1::CitysController (note the capitalized 'API'). That should solve your immediate problem.

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Figure out what it is that Alice and Bob desperately need from each other, and introduce that - let's call it Charlie - as its own separate POM. Then, have Alice and Bob depend on Charlie. The big thing to note here is that circular dependencies arise often due to certain modules encompassing more than it needs to. Given that Alice needs Bob and Bob needs Alice, there is something that could be

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In CocoaPods 0.35, by default pre-releases (ie, 2.0-alpha.1) will be excluded unless you explicitly ask for them. You can use the following to explicitly resolve that version: pod 'Services', '2.0-alpha.1' Or, something like this to get the latest version, pre-release or not: pod 'Services', '> 0.0.0.pre'

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You can follow this example to solve this issue. It worked for me. You have to delete the derived data and the restart xCode. It always work with Apple LLVM 6.0 Error.

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