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Obtaining String in the format of DD-MON-YY from date

Use SimpleDateFormat:

SimpleDateFormat sdf = new
String s = sdf.format(gc.getTime());

This is the part in the javadoc you were looking for:

Letter    Date or Time Component       
     Presentation      Examples
  M       Month in year (context sensitive)     
Month      July; Jul; 07

Month: If the number of pattern letters is 3 or more, the month is interpreted as text; otherwise, it is interpreted as a number.

  • Letter M produces context-sensitive month names, such as the embedded form of names. If a DateFormatSymbols has been set explicitly with constructor SimpleDateFormat(String, DateFormatSymbols) or method setDateFormatSymbols(DateFormatSymbols), the month names given by the DateFormatSymbols are used.
  • Letter L produces the standalone form of month names.

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