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Serial DC motor control using 8051

Your while loop in main appears to be setting the 1-bit motor control with a 10% or 90% duty cycle, it does this by writing to motor which has been equated to P1. But after 100 writes it calls receive(), and that should leave the motor running, because the function won't return until a key is pressed. So I don't understand why the motor is sometimes stopped. When the function does return, your case statements do not take into account what other key might have been pressed, so you will be simply using k set from the previous key press. In addition, receive() waits for RXD and then writes the character received to P1 the motor control. So on the face of it, the LSB of RXD is being used to control the motor. But that's a bug, because on return from receive() P1 is again written to.

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How to set control to use user-defined control class c# windows forms
I apologize, I simply got rid of: logBox = new RichTextBox { Dock = DockStyle.Fill, Font = new Font("Courier New", 10) }; and now it works. I was expecting my existing richTextBox, logBox, to populate with text but this was not occurring until now.

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Serial communication trouble C#
You need to have an ending character to know when your message is completed. Most people are using a (13,10) and read from the serial port to the end of the line (i.e. ). You are getting an event for each character and reading it too quickly.

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Serial communication over RS232 and USB
(1) RS-232 is bidirectional. You can send and receive at the same time. (2) You do not have to write a USB driver for the host. Windows has this built in. Use the standard Windows serial I/O calls. They work the same way for serial ports and for USB to serial converters.

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resize control.size width designer in winform ,but this action affected other control size
Maybe you are accidentally selecting the other label, or maybe selecting both? Otherwise, I think you should try Label1.Autosize = False Here are 2 samples on ways to change a label's size (You can Import System.Drawing to make it cleaner) Label1.Size = New Size With {.Width = 50, .Height = 89} Label1.Size = New Size(50, 89) If that doesnt answer your problem, you might have to explain a li

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Forward Bluetooth socket to serial port
Figures that I'd get it right after posting. To anyone else looking to do something similar: Pair with bluez-simple-agent Create your serial port channel with sdptool add --channel=x sp Listen for a connection on that channel with sudo rfcomm listen /dev/rfcomm0 x Cross the streams with socat /dev/rfcomm0 /dev/usb/lp0 Beautiful. It's all so simple now.

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