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When performing JDBC batch inserts into MySQL over a network connection we can improve performance by adding rewriteBatchedStatements=true to the JDBC connection URL. Without that directive, .executeBatch() will cause MySQL Connector/J to send individual INSERT statements like

INSERT INTO tablename
(field1,field2) VALUES (value1,value2)
INSERT INTO tablename (field1,field2) VALUES

With rewriteBatchedStatements=true, MySQL Connector/J will send multi-row inserts like

INSERT INTO tablename
(field1, field2) VALUES

That can save quite a bit of bandwidth is the field list is long.

(For more details, see the related question here.)

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Use ISNULL function. SELECT ISNULL((SELECT name FROM a_table WHERE user_id = @usr), (SELECT name FROM i_user WHERE user_id = @usr)) AS name, ISNULL((SELECT [address] FROM a_table WHERE user_id = @usr), (SELECT [address] FROM i_user WHERE user_id = @usr)) AS a_address FROM DUAL Or use a left outer join: SELECT ISNULL(, AS name, ISNULL(t1.address, t2.a

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