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Binary search equivalent for `find_if`

I believe you're looking for std::binary_search or std::lower_bound.

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How Can I Search A Word in A Binary Search Tree?
You'll have to walk the whole tree since you're not searching by id, but you seem to realize that already. To walk the tree in order using recursion, recursively call your function on the left subtree, process the current node, then recursively call the function on the right subtree (checking for NULL appropriately). Example: void listWord(node *tree, char *word) { if (tree) { /* I

Categories : C
Binary search on list
List has a binary search method but since binary search is so easy to implement and since the IComparator you would need to define is so complex due to the range thing I suggest you implement the binary search method Something like this (NOT TESTED!) public static IPRange BinarySearch(List<IPRange> source, int intIp) { int startIndex = 0; int endIndex = source.Count; while (end

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Recursive Binary Search in C++
There are two problems with your code: In your binarySearch() method, you are comparing values, not keys. This may be what you wanted but you don't have value 2 stored in your list (see point 2). You insertAfter() method inserts chars that when printed give 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 but in fact their int values (based on which you make the comparison) are the following: 48,49,50,51,52,53,54. I am not sure

Categories : C++
C++: Binary search tree end() iterator
The end iterator doesn't necessarily have to be one past the last element (that makes sense for vectors, but less so for trees eg.). It has to just be an iterator that can clearly be identified as not a valid iterator used for indicating that the end of the data structure is reached. Practically, this can be done in several ways, depending on how your iterator refers to what it's pointing to. If

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how to add a node in a binary search tree
So 2 things NoneType is capitalized: None (all if's you do in create_node) Python string comparison is casesensitive, so when you check for pointer["number"] value you are not really checking the one you set in the create_node method, which it's key is "Number"(capital "N"), being the reason it throws KeyError. Same for "right" and "left".

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