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Use of std::regex_iterator according to

What do you mean with "if rend is never initialized"? Clearly, std::regex_iterator<I> has a default constructor. Since the iteration is only forward iteration the end iterator just needs to be something suitable to detect that the end is used. The default constructor can set up rend correspondingly.

This is an idiom used in a few other places in the standard C++ library, e.g., for std::istream_iterator<T>. Ideally, the end iterator could be indicated using a different type (see, e.g., Eric Niebler's discussion on this issue, the link is to the first of four pages) but the standard currently requires that the two types match when using algorithms.

With respect to parsing HTML using regular expression please refer to this answer.

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You're approaching the test incorrectly. Your iterator is basically the equivalent of xrange hardcoded to start from 2 and goes to infinity. The reason it starts from 2 is because you're initialising i to 1 and incrementing i inside the next before returning the first value. I would write the test as follows class TestA(unittest.TestCase): def test_loop_is_sliceable(self): slc = it

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You're not using the iterator to iterate through your correction, and so you cannot use it to remove elements. To use it correctly, you must loop with the iterator itself. i.e., for (Iterator<E> iter = list.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); ) { E element =; // 1 - can call methods of element // 2 - can use iter.remove() to remove the current element from the list //

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outer.iterator will always give you a new iterator. You need to create one and stash it somewhere, then use that single stashed one rather than creating a new one every time: new Iterator[A] { val outerIterator = outer.iterator override def hasNext = ... }

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There are several ways to skip the first element of the iterator. For example : boolean first = true; for(Iterator <Vertex> it = adjList[i].iterator(); it.hasNext();) { if (first) { // skip first; first = false; } else { // handle the rest } }

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You may use standard functions std::begin, std::end, std::cbegin, std::cend declared in header <iterator> with arrays and standard containers. Here is a demonstrative program #include <iostream> #include <iterator> #include <vector> template <typename Container> auto f( const Container &c ) ->decltype( std::begin( c ) ) { for ( auto it = std::begin( c );

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