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Anonymous class do not have an argument

The anonymous class instance you're passing is overriding the call(String s) method. Whatever is receiving this anonymous class instance is something that wants to make use of that call() method during its execution: it will be (somehow) constructing strings and passing them (directly or indirectly) to the call() method of whatever you've passed in.

So the fact that you're not invoking the method you've defined isn't a worry: something else is doing so.

This is a common use case for anonymous inner classes. A method m() expects to be passed something that implements the Blah interface, and the Blah interface has a frobnicate(String s) method in it. So we call it with

m(new Blah() {
    public void frobnicate(String s) {
        //exciting code goes here to do something
with s

and the m method will now be able to take this instance that implements Blah, and invoke frobnicate() on it.

Perhaps m looks like this:

public void m(Blah b) {

Now the frobnicate() method that we wrote in our inner class is being invoked, and as it runs, the parameter s will be set to "whatever".

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