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T-SQL Help Needed in Converting an Appointment List into a Master Schedule

What you need is indeed a Dynamic Pivot. If the Appointments table looks like the following

CREATE TABLE Appointments
   ApptDatetime DATETIME,
   Staffname VARCHAR (50),
   ApptLength INT

Then the following will work:


-- Create a list of distinct Staffnames which will
become column headers
SELECT @ColumnList = COALESCE(@ColumnList + '],
[','[') + CAST(S.Staffname AS VARCHAR(12)) FROM
(SELECT DISTINCT Staffname FROM Appointments) S
SET @ColumnList = @ColumnList + ']'

SET @SQL = '
  [ApptDatetime], ' + @ColumnList + '
      Appointments A
    A.[ApptDateTime] BETWEEN GETDATE() AND
)  T
    FOR T.Staffname IN (' + @ColumnList + ')
exec (@SQL)

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