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Understanding Incorrect Permissions for Instagram API

You need to use an access_token generated for your account.

Basically the Instagram permissions for the Users endpoint works like this:

  • If the target user is public, you can query that user's info and media with a client_id without the need for any authentication.
  • If the target user is private, using the client_id will not work and you need to do authentication and use the access_token from an authenticated user that follows that target user.

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Edit profile picture on Instagram using Instagram API?
If you are not committed to instasharp, this may have been asked and answered: Instagram API using The answer uses json2csharp (, but from there it looks like it would be a breeze to just set User.profile_picture.

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Handling user authorization with Instagram API
Check that YOUR_APP_CALLBACK redirect url is correct - it should be the same here as it is in your Instagram App. Check out their guidelines for acceptable redirect urls here: As long as $_GET['code']; is set then the plugin should take care of the rest so I would check that this is being set too. If you haven't done this already have a look at the

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APISubscriptionError instagram API private network
Instagram or anybody esle cannot access your localhost or as this IP address is just known and accessible on your computer itself. You have to register the callback on a public IP address or domain and host your application there.

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get posts with a mentioned user in Instagram
This is not possible with the current Instagram API. In my case I am doing this: If you know which users might have mentioned your desired user, you may query their recent/full media and extract medias mentioning your user. This way I also find photos with the desired user mentioned in the description.

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instagram font awesome tooltip can't find
Your CSS classes appear to be from another source as far as I can tell. You have two options available from Font Awesome and Bootstrap. Font Awesome Social Icons <i class="fa fa-instagram"></i> Social Buttons for Bootstrap <a class="btn btn-block btn-social btn-instagram" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'btn-social', 'click', 'btn-instagram']);"> <i class="fa

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