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Migrating website - keeping databases in sync during migration

Set both servers up and test to make sure they both work.

On the new server (one you are switching to) proxy all requests back to the old server Apache example

ProxyPass / http://oldip:80/
ProxyPassReverse / http://oldip:80/

Switch the DNS to point at the new server.

Wait for 24-48 hours, Making sure all traffic is now being routed though the new server, back to the old server.

remove proxy settings. stop apache do a backup of the databases send them to the new server restore the database backups start apache.

You can write a script to do that.

To speed up the database backups you could use the binlog so you only need to transfer the more recent one

When your happy the new server is working. stop the old server running.

Should work with a small amount of downtime.

Alternately, Reduce your TTL on the DNS (NOTE: Not all DNS caching respects this if its small) wait for that change to process Switch to the new server, with a higher TTL, Due to the old TTL being really small, most people will not be effected.

Alternativly, make the current site read only until the switch has occurred.

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