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Compile Error, Member is not a member of a union | working with pointers/structs

line 74 was corrupted: instead of void convertStringToTime(char * strTime , TTime * Zeit) it had to be void convertStringToTime(char * strTime , TTime * lp). anything else seems to be fine. Will try to get the memory allocation done now and look at strtol() as an alternative solution.

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C++ Member Reference base type 'Vertex *const' is not a structure or union
vit is an iterator. Iteratirs work like pointers to container elements. Your container element type is Vertex*. Therefore vit works like Vertex**. To call a member function given a Vertex** p you would have to get to a Vertex* first. This can be done by dereferencing p like this: (*p) and at this point you can call your member function like (*p)->getEdges() Iterators are no different.

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Template Member function cannot see non-templated class member correctly
Check your default constructor, copy constructor, and any other custom constructors/move/operator functions you write/overload. Make sure these are doing what you think they are doing. Templated functions work just fine in non-templated classes. Data being inaccurate or missing is most likely a copy issue. Edit: As pmr mentions below... Obey the rule of five. That is definitely the main point.

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Ember.js working with single member of child enumerable
You really only have two options: search through the array, or store the one that is currently being edited. If you don't want to store the one being edited, just use the findBy method to get the object that is being edited. var items = this.get('items'); var editingItem = items.findBy('isEditing', true); // I use tryInvoke in case one isn't found. That might not be possible for you. Ember.tryInv

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error: value saveAsTextFile is not a member of Unit
foreach is, as Ryan pointed out, solely for side-effects. It returns Unit and not the List itself. Ergo no chaining. Now what you are actually doing is the following: val output = ranks.collect() val realoutput: Unit = output.foreach(tup => println(tup._1 + " has page rank: " + tup._2)) realoutput.saveAsTextFile(...) saveAsTextFile is not a member of Unit and you get your error message Yo

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C++, Class: Out-of-line declaration of a member error?
You should remove the semicolons in the cpp file. void Array::addTings (float itemValue); should be void Array::addTings (float itemValue) Correct code is: void Array::addTings (float itemValue) // Out-of-line declaration ERROR { std::cout << "How many items do you want to add to the array"; std::cin >> arraySize; } float Array::getTings (int index) // Out-of-line declara

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