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redirect 81 to 443 in nginx

Directive server_name is not a label, it's the name of the virtual server, i.e. its value must match with HTTP Host header of ingoing requests for the server block to be accessed. So it will likely never match any Host actual host header in use with your setup and never be reached.

Read the documentation.

The use of $hostname is also weird if you use a load balancer ...

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Laravel SSL redirect loop with Nginx
Pretty sure this is because I had fastcgi_param HTTPS off; Have changed to fastcgi_param HTTPS on; And everything is working fine

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nginx redirect from web to mobile application
set $targeted_mobile no; if ($http_user_agent ~* "android|iphone|ipod") { set $targeted_mobile yes; } location /deep-link/ { if ($targeted_mobile = yes) { rewrite ^/deep-link/(.*) mobile://$1 permanent; } rewrite ^/deep-link/(.*) https://$server_name/$1 permanent;

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Redirect dynamic top level domains to www subdomains with Nginx
As discussed, either you declare your subdomains server blocks and make sure if you are using a regex too that it's preceding the server block redirecting to www (regex are tested sequentially), or you refine your regex so it would be ^[^.]+.(com||eu|ly)$. Edit : As you are only letting one server block in your configuration, everything will go throw this unique server block anyway, so you n

Categories : Nginx
after submit form,web page redirect to servlet url, but I want redirect to another page
You have 3 choices: Change serverside code Post form async(Recommended). Use iframe to post form. Here is jQuery code with post form async: $.post('', function(){ window.location=""; }); Hope it helps.

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Nginx cannot restart via Ansible
The handler was: - name: restart nginx service: name=nginx state=restarted enabled=yes It seems that the state and enabled flags cannot both be present. By trimming the above to the following, it worked. - name: restart nginx service: name=nginx state=restarted Why this is, and why it started breaking suddenly, I do not know.

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