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Creating 302 redirect to a URL that changes dynamically, and passing referring information?

Try this for a 302:

header("Location: $url", true, 302);

But you are never going to get the correct referrer on a redirect. You need to add it as a variable in the URL maybe.

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Why is this call not passing the information from my xml file to the winForm?
Okay, finally getting to something that might be a solution to your problem. The "this" in this line of code : WidgetLogic.elementUser(this); is the class that contains the void ApproveTime_Load. I'm hoping that class is a form.(if not please specify the class) The problem with your code is that you're passing this into the function elementUser as an object and later on casting it as a string.

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passing information from html to python script
You need to run a Python web server. A simple way to do this is by installing the Flask library. For example: from flask import Flask, request app = Flask(__name__) @app.route('/runscript', methods=['POST']) def my_script(): lat = request.form.get('lat') lon = request.form.get('lon') return "You submitted: lat=%s long=%s" % (lat,lon) if __name__ == '__main__': Now ru

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The warning is simply means that an int is not necessarily the same size as a pointer on all platforms. To avoid the warning, you could declare i as an intptr_t. An intptr_t is guaranteed to be the same size as a pointer. But allow me to suggest an alternative solution. The code below demonstrates how to start multiple threads while passing a unique piece of information to each thread. The steps

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Creating dynamically large table using JavaScript
Most efficient way to create a bunch of elements is to create a string and create element from this string. Most efficient way to create a string of element is to join from array So you should refactor your code to Create an array of elements like a[i] = "<tr><intput type='checkbox'></tr>"; Join an array to get one string var s = a.join(); Create DOM elements like var div

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Dynamically creating and populating class inside method in java
What you're trying to do is not possible with reflection and with your current setup. Even if you manage to cast the object to classRef, you wouldn't know what instance methods to call since getBENodeData presumably can take any type. What you can do is call the method from a location where the type is known, and cast to it. Object obj = getBENodeData(MyType1.class, MyType1.class.getName()); My

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