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Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index 73

There seems to be an UTF-8 byte-order-mark at the very end of your connection string, between the ; and the " characters, exactly at the character position that the error says. It is invisible, but you can see it if you copy it to a new text file and save it with UTF-8 encoding and examine the file in a hex editor. Just delete the last few characters and type it again.

"Data source=VICTOR-PC; Initial Catalog=KAZIIM; Integrated Security=True;<some invisible stuff is here>"

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a format specification for argument 2, as in 'msgstr[0]', doesn't exist in 'msgid_plural'
It’s not that Poedit doesn’t like it, it’s gettext msgfmt tool — and your way of doing plurals fails its sanity checks. As you observed, the reason is that you must use the same arguments in both msgid and msgid_plural. Just do it. If you’re wondering why, it’s because your code ignores the possibility that some languages may have more (or less!) than just two forms, singular and plur

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String does not conform to type AnyObject in NSarray Swift
NSArray can only hold reference types, whereas Swift's String is a value type. String instances are normally automatically bridged to NSString, but the constructor you're using for the NSArray explicitly expects AnyObject, so that kind of bridging is defeated. You should be able to use a Swift Array instead: Exersice (name: "Test", type: "Test", muscles: ["muscle1", "muscle2"], ...

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Is there a text string variable type in Adobe PDF specification?
The PDF does not have something like a variable like PostScript does. What may come close to what you are trying to achieve (output the same text multiple places) is a form XObject. Just like a page it has a content stream with graphics objects such as (Hello, world!) Tj, and it can be be drawn on a page (or another XObject) through the graphics Do operator. Its operand corresponds to a key in the

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Calculating Days With Equivalent String Value Using Datediff Computed Column Specification Formula
Try this. select .... CASE WHEN ( Datediff(day, [ResidencyDate], Getdate()) ) <= 183 THEN 'Transient' WHEN Datediff(day, [ResidencyDate], Getdate()) >= 184 AND Datediff(day, [ResidencyDate], Getdate()) <= 1825 THEN 'Migrant' ELSE 'Resident' END ..... ..... OR use Between select .... CASE WHEN ( Datediff(day, [ResidencyDate], Getdate()

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Argument dump format error on starting a rails server
update JRuby to it's latest 1.7.x ( or at least 1.7.13) ... there's been a lot of Ruby (1.9.3) compatibility (e.g. encoding related) fixes since 1.7.3, it's not worth exploring the issue on it. if it still happens, you should try if it's the same failure on MRI. it also would be valuable (esp. for yourself) to upgrade to latest Rails in 3.1.x if you can not go to a supported 3.2.x release

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