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Unexpected results from Metaphone algorithm

Your usage is slightly incorrect. A quick investigation of the encoded strings and default maximum code length shows that it is 4, which truncates the end of the longer "criketgame":


Output (note "criketgame" is truncated from "KRKTKM" to "KRKT", which matches "cricket"):


Solution: Set the maximum code length to something appropriate for your application and the expected input. For example:


Now outputs:


And now your original test gives the expected results:

Metaphone meta = new Metaphone();



As an aside, you may also want to experiment with DoubleMetaphone, which is an improved version of the algorithm.

By the way, note the caveat from the documentation regarding thread-safety:

The instance field maxCodeLen is mutable but is not volatile, and accesses are not synchronized. If an instance of the class is shared between threads, the caller needs to ensure that suitable synchronization is used to ensure safe publication of the value between threads, and must not invoke setMaxCodeLen(int) after initial setup.

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