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403 forbidden error, in Nginx configuration for Wordpress site

Well this is pretty clear. You request URI / so nginx tries to list the docroot content but as autoindex directive default value is false thus this action is not allowed and nginx returns the adequate HTTP 403.

You forgot to set the index directive to serve an index file.

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nginx cannot process php for wordpress
Remove the ^~ operator and it should work. This is because it tells nginx that the following location block prefix must take precedence over regex location blocks (so the php one in particular) during location block election and it tries to serve php files from there (so as a static file and pass it as application/octet-stream because the mime type is likely to be unknown).

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Twython 403 forbidden error
You need to show more of your code so I can see what could be wrong. But my guess is that you maybe making the same error I did. To update your status you do not need to do this: twitter.verify_credentials() You can use the Access Key and secret from your twitter application to update your own account. But more code will help figure this out.

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403 Forbidden error while making an ajax request
Finally i solve this issue by using json. first i create getimages.php file and read directory in that file and get all images names and store that name in array. getimages.php <?php $filenameArray = array(); $handle = opendir(dirname(realpath(__FILE__)).'/images/slider_images/'); while($file = readdir($handle)){ if($file !== '.' && $file !== '..'){ array_push(

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QuotaExceededException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. The request was terminated because the namespace XXX is being throttled
Get all registrations is treated (and throttled!) as analytic operation. It means that it is not supposed to be used in your main runtime flow. Or in the other words - if you have to call it often, then something is wrong... Describe your application in more detailed manner and I'll be glad to help to figure out a good NH usage pattern.

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400 Error on certain routes (Django + gunicorn + nginx)
You are missing a semicolon after the server_name directive. Error 400 with nginx is usually related to a configuration error causing incomplete or wrong data being passed to the application. This hypothesis is reinforced by your statement that under apache it works fine. You should thus run gunicorn with a high log level (--log-level debug) and see what it gets passed by the web server. See the

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