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Boost with eclipse cannot find thread library

Specify the library without the lib prefix (which is the UNIX convention):

g++ "-LC:Boostoost_1_57_0stagelib"
-pthread -o MyThread.exe main.o MyThread.o

There's even a chance that (with the help of some standard convention symlinks) you could just say -lboost_thread.

PS Don't forget to use -pthread as well

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Don't start a third thread. Just continue in the calling thread after the two worker threads finish: #include <thread> void do_work() { /* ... */ } void f() { std::thread t1(do_work), t2(do_work); t1.join(); t2.join(); // do final work here }

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Using WaitForSingleObject on Windows but supporting boost thread interrupts
detail::win32::interruptible_wait implements just this. As you can see it awaits 3 handles (2 in addition to the one specified by the caller) to honour interruption. See specifically the WaitForMultipleObjectsEx call the block else if(notified_index==interruption_index) { detail::win32::ResetEvent(detail::get_current_thread_data()->interruption_handle); throw thread_interrupted();

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Just build the ptree in steps, and write it only when done: Live On Coliru #include <boost/property_tree/ptree.hpp> #include <boost/property_tree/ini_parser.hpp> using namespace boost::property_tree; struct X { void add_junction(std::string repID, ptree& pt) const { std::string juncs = _roadID; std::size_t pos = juncs.find_last_of("j"); std::stri

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Since you're already using boost, use boost::split to split each line into its columns. Then accumulate each column separately. You'll need an accumulator_set for each column. Code might look something like this: #include <fstream> #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> #include <boost/accumulators/accumulators.hpp> #include <boost/accumulator

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Solved. Workspace, Installation and Libraries needed to all be located on the same physical drive. I guess this is a "feature" or nuance of Eclipse. Thanks to AIL

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