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.htaccess create user friendly url and ridirect to it

The rewrite rules don't just make the URL string look different, it actually directs the user to the file at the end of the path even if you don't see it in the address bar. If Homepage is a directory containing index.php, even if that php file name doesn't appear in the URL, then it's causing a loop because it's directing you to a directory with an index.php.

The rule is executed every time that page loads. So, you're redirecting to a page which runs the redirect script, so it runs the rule to redirect again, and that causes the loop. What you want to do is create a condition that says "Don't run this code if the requested page is http://localhost/siti/socialmark/Homepage"

Something like this (you may have to adjust it)

RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}
RewriteRule ^Homepage index.php [NC,L]

For more details, see the caveats and example here:

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