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add class into JFrame

I suggest that you consider

  • Making Player and Enemies logical classes, and not GUI component classes as this will allow overlapping.
  • Separating the logic portion of your program from the GUI portion, creating at least a Model-View structure, or better a Model-Control-View.
  • Have your view classes (the GUI) display the position of the logical entities by drawing image sprites in a JPanel's paintComponent method that is then displayed in the view.

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As @AndrewThompson wisely mentioned, the use of multiple JFrame is a bad practice. In this case a (non-)modal dialog would be a better choice. Now let's assume you choose non-modal dialogs, then you still having the same problem. There are several ways to solve it but essentially you need to keep a reference to the frame/dialog which opened the calendar's frame. Even better, you can use interface

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Try this.getClass().getSimpleName(). See this answer for more information.

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Well, when the button is clicked you want actionPerformed() to be called. But the button is in SlotMachine so actionPerformed() needs to be in the SlotMachine class as well. You didn't post SlotMachine but it would look something like this: public class SlotMachine extends JFrame implements ActionListener { public static void main(String[] args) { SlotMachine mainFrame = new SlotMachi

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Since there is no object of jframeA I don't understand how to close this frame from jframeB on click of a button. If you expect to act on an object, then you need to save a reference to it. Login jframeA = new Login(); // ... jframeA.setVisible(false); jframeA.dispose(); jframeA = null;

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You have not invoked the method actionListenerCalls to bind listener Possibly put it here: public void frameHandler() { .... addComponentsToFrame(getContentPane()); actionListenerCalls();//<-- invoke here setVisible(true); } P.S. kindly avoid using null layout. EDIT From the docs: We don't support the full CSS spec. Refer to the javadoc of the CSS class to see what p

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