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Os X Yosemite Qt drag and drop file name bug

To apply the patch, you would need to download the Qt Sources (ex. use git) and then add the lines needed to retrieve the filepath instead of the fileId using the:



Here is the part where it should be added: Patch Code

When you did this, you need to build Qt and build your project with this patched version to take use of the changes you made.

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Yosemite Toolbar Style
Works just fine for my Cocoa app under Yosemite - are you actually setting the template property for your icon images..? From the NSImage docs: The 'template' property is metadata that allows clients to be smarter about image processing. An image should be marked as a template if it is basic glpyh-like black and white art that is intended to be processed into derived images for use on

Categories : Objective C
How do I bundle eventmachine in ree on Yosemite?
You have to install Xcode and the command line tools with: xcode-select --install Also, you have to open Xcode and accept the licence terms. Update: If you have upgraded your system from an earlier OSX you should try to remove your ree installation and reinstall it. $ rvm remove ree-1.8.7-2012.02 You'll have to install the gcc compiler 4.2 version. $ brew install homebrew/dupes/apple-gcc42

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Trouble downloading XCode 6.1 on Mac OS X Yosemite
It might be network error You can download directly it with this links Or you can download .dmg files directly without such errors Xcode 6 Xcode 6.1 link 6.0.1 link Xcode 5 5.1.1 link 5.0.2 link Xcode 4 4.6.3 link 4.5.2 link 4.4.1 link 4.3.2 link

Categories : Xcode
XCode 6 on Yosemite : support of C++11 is broken?
You haven't told the compiler what the minimum OSX target will be. In order to use libc++ that must be 10.7 as that's the first version of OSX the library was shipped on. The command line option you need to add is: -mmacosx-version-min=10.7 I am unsure how you get that option to clang using QMake, however according to this, it's done by tweaking the mkspec: question: I would like to add

Categories : Xcode
Javascript for Automation custom URL in Yosemite
The equivalent to the open location handler is to define a function with a specific name. function onOpenLocation (theUrl) { Do something here. } The release notes for JavaScript for Automation do not specifically mention this handler, but this is what it should be called based on the naming convention for translating AppleScript to JSA.

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