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Getting a specific implementation from Felix

Your question is confusing since you mix terms for services and bundles. A bundle is an installable unit which contains code. That code can register and consume services. Services are object which, typically, implement some interface which is shared between the bundle providing the service and the bundles consuming the services.

So the first order of business is to make sure the service interface's package is exported by some bundle and imported by all the bundles which plan to participate in providing and consuming the service. This is necessary to ensure type safety. That is, the consuming bundles can safely cast the service object to the expected type of the service.

Once that is done, as you observer, there can be multiple providers of a service. When a provider registers a service, they can specify some metadata about the service in the form of key/value properties. Your example shows this in the Identifier property. When a consumer looks up a service, a filter string can be specified which can specify information to be checked against a service' metadata to select from among multiple provided services.

public class MyServiceConsumer
implements BundleActivator {

public void start(BundleContext context) throws
Exception {
    System.out.println("Looking for

    ServiceReference<MyInterface>[] refs =
    MyInterface service =


The above is terrible code; don't actually use it. It does not handle there being no service when the consumer bundle is activated (refs == null), nor does is it prepared for the service to go away. I strongly recommend you use OSGi Declarative Services when writing bundles. It makes service use and dealing with the dynamic super simple.

public class MyServiceConsumer {
MyInterface service;

private void bindService(MyInterface s) {
    service = s;

private activate() {
    // do work

private deactivate() {
    // do work


This is a component which will only be instantiated when a matching service is present. It will be called at bindService to inject the service instance, the activate will be called to enable to component to do it work. If the injected service goes away, the component will be called at deactivate and then discarded. If later another matching service comes along, a new instance of the component will be activated.

See for a tutorial on OSGi app dev.

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