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How to bulk update/upsert with mongoid/mongodb?

Sets the upsert option to true for an update or a replacement operation and has the following syntax:

 bulk.find( { status: "closed" }
).update( { $set: { status: "some_other_status" }
} );

Adds a multi update operation to a bulk operations list. The method updates specific fields in existing documents.

Use the Bulk.find() method to specify the condition that determines which documents to update. The Bulk.find.update() method updates all matching documents. To specify a single document update, see Bulk.find.updateOne().

 var bulk =
 bulk.find( { status: "closed" }
 $set: { status: "some_other_status"}


To specify upsert: true for this operation, use Bulk.find.upsert(). With Bulk.find.upsert(), if no documents match the Bulk.find() query condition, the update operation inserts only a single document. Hope this helps.

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