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python fileinput line endings

CRLF = Carriage Return Line Feed.

Python on Windows makes a distinction between text and binary files; the end-of-line characters in text files are automatically altered slightly when data is read or written.

Can you output as binary file and not as a text file?

If you prefix the string with r to open the file as raw, does this prevent extra in the output?

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Equivalent of perl diamond/python fileinput in groovy?
def inputs=[]; Only practical way is to have collection "similar objects". In this case having a collection of InputStream would do if(args.length==0) { inputs.add( } else { args.each { inputs.add(new FileInputStream(it)) } } inputs.each { (it).eachLine { line -> println(line) } }

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Convert line endings when copying from excel to word
Thanks for that @tim-williams I had been hoping there was a way to do it when copy / pasting (a bit like the "keep text only" option). As you said, I have to do a replace somewhere, I ended up doing it in the SQL of the Sharperlight data model. The column was text, so I cast it as varchar and then did the replace. REPLACE(CAST({_Table.Alias}.COMMENTS as varchar(MAX)), CHAR(13)+CHAR(10), CHAR(10)

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Boost.Python create new reference to existing Python object from C++
To accomplish this, one must modify another frame on the call stack. Be warned, this is dependent on the Python implementation. For example, in Python 2.7, the inspect module and sys.settrace() can be used to modify locals() on a specific frame. I would highly recommend using a Python solution, as was done in this answer, and monkey patch the desired class' __init__ function. For instance, the

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Python: Multithreading between Java subproccess and Python listener?
It's pretty hard to tell here, but I think what you're asking is how to: Launch a program in the background. Send it input, as if it came from a user on the console. Read its output that it tries to display to a user on the console. At the same time, run another thread that does other stuff. The last one is pretty easy; in fact, you've mostly written it, you just need to add a thread1.start()

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How can I point vim and python-mode to custom python version
Have you tried virtualenv? It's possible that python-mode points to the system's 'python' command, which could be 2.6 in your case, and virtualenv should link that to whichever version you choose for your container.

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