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Const char* not assigning properly?

The problem is the value returned from split76 is temporary and is destroyed after the assignment has completed. Any attempt to access it after that results in undefined behavior. If you need to store a pointer to the string buffer you can create local std::string to hold it an ensure it lives long enough to be used.

payload_text[19] = encodedFile.c_str();

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Universal member-function definition, instanceable from both 'const' & 'non-const' objects
@dyp's answer by way of comment was good, but I would use a static member function rather than a friend function: friend functions have no access control. template <typename T> struct sList { void DoForEachList(auto pFunc) { DoForEachListHelper(*this, pFunc); } void DoForEachList(auto pFunc) const { DoForEachListHelper(*this, pFunc); } private: st

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According to the spec, is const required with auto for const references?
Yes, this behaviour is entirely standard-mandated: [C++11:]: A program that uses auto in a context not explicitly allowed in this section is ill-formed. [C++11:]: Once the type of a declarator-id has been determined according to 8.3, the type of the declared variable using the declarator-id is determined from the type of its initializer using the rules for template arg

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const vector implies const elements?
Yes, const vector provides access to it's elemets as if they were const (that is, gives you const references). In your second function not the objects of type A are const, but pointers to them. A pointer being const does not mean that the object the pointer is pointing to is const. To declare pointer-to-const, use the type A const *.

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Should single-use values be inline, function-level const variables, or class-level static const variables?
What do you prefer? They're not all equivalent of course. If you give them (named) namespace or global scope, they can get external visibility, meaning you can define them in a separate TU and even change their definition without recompiling (just linking). If that TU is in a dynamic library that linking might be at runtime. Also, function locals are usually not separately documented. However i

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Understanding Pointer to constant pointer to integer constant (const int * const * variable)
But i was wondering why is this happening since pcpci is not a constant pointer No, but *(pcpci+1) is. It has type const int* const. Obviously you can't assign anything to that.

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