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Decimal to binary/hex using arrays


The problem is after the first loop, i is one greater than the last index. Just for example, say you enter 1: the do...while loop is entered, the digit 1 is put in array index 0, then i is incremented to 1.

Then, in the second loop, both indexes 1 and 0 are printed. You can solve this by decrementing i before entering this loop:

while (i >= 0){...}

You should be doing something like that anyway, because if you ended up using all 32 digits, you would try to access bin[32] and the program may crash or output gibberish.


The first loop's condition is infinite:

for (i = 0; i >= 0; i++){...}

It should be the same as your condition in binary:

for (i = 0; numb != 0; i++){...}

But you are not done yet because I've noticed you also have a bug in your printing:

if (hex[i] >= 10)
    switch (hex[i])
        case 10:
            cout << "A";
cout << hex[i];

If hex[i] is greater than or equal to 10, it gets printed twice, once as a hex letter and once as a decimal number. To solve this you could, for example, use continue instead of break in your switch (to skip the second print), or use else:

if (hex[i] >= 10)
    switch (hex[i])
        case 10:
            cout << "A";
    cout << hex[i];

You also need to make the same correction as in binary:

// decrementing i before entering the
//   vvv
for (i--; i >= 0; i--){...}

Your revision is not correct, hex should not have a nested loop. It was fine before, just with the corrections I've pointed out.

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