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CLLocationManager.location is nil

1) CLLocation location documentation - The value of this property is nil if no location data has ever been retrieved.

2) You've set the delegate for CLLocationManager. Why not implement locationManager:didUpdateLocations: and print the latest retrieved location from inside?

3) Are you using a simulator or a real device? Bear in mind that if you are using a simulator you may need to enable simulate location:

Xcode location Dropdown

You can also find a Custom Location option in: - Simulator -> Debug -> Location -> Custom Location...

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Swift Unit test: HotSwap an CLLocationManager Object
Rather than go to the trouble of mocking a complicated system API, why not just use the location services simulation mechanisms built into Xcode? Just go to Product > Debug > Simulate Location and set the location as necessary there.

Categories : Unit Testing
Which is better for getting assembly location , GetAssembly().Location or GetExecutingAssembly().Location
It seems rather obvious: When you want the executing assembly, use GetExecutingAssembly. Sometimes you don't have one, for example when running as an Office add-in. You could use Assembly.GetAssembly instead.

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I can't see your code, so it's hard to know. Here is a working solution, by calling initialize when clicking on html elements This resets the map with a new marker. Defined initialize() with parameter "select" Beneath the map variable (but inside initialize) made a marker, which picks the data using the previously defined "select" parameter. Used html element to call initialize with parameter

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Location Listener Can't Reach Location
Did you enable location in the device for both sources GPS ans NETWORK? Currently in your code your'e asking for network provider, if this provider is disabled the method getLastKnownLocation will return null.

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Gps not getting location
If Gps can not fetch the location than go with network to get the location. Try with below mentioned code. locationManager = (LocationManager) mContext.getSystemService(LOCATION_SERVICE); locationManager .requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER, MIN_TIME_BW_UPDATES, MIN_DISTANCE_CHANGE_FOR_UPDATES, this); // getting GPS status isGPSEnabled = l

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