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Realoc: invalid next size while splitting a line

sample to fix

void parse(char *line, char *** cmds){
    char *cp, *token;
    size_t nlines = 0;
    *cmds =  NULL;

    token = strtok_r(line, " 	
", &cp);
    while (token) {
        *cmds = realloc(*cmds,
        (*cmds)[nlines-1] = token;
        (*cmds)[nlines] = NULL;
        token = strtok_r(NULL, " 	
", &cp);

void parsePipe(char *line, char ***cmds){
    char *cp;
    char *cmd = strtok_r(line, "|", &cp);
    int i=0, linesFound = 0;

    while (cmd != NULL){
        //printf("Printing word -> %s
", cmd);
        parse(cmd, cmds++);
        cmd = strtok_r(NULL, "|", &cp);
    //printf("This string contains %d lines
separated with |
    *cmds = NULL;

int  main(void){
    char  line[1024];
    char  **cmds[64] = {0};
    int i;

    while (1) { 
        printf("lsh -> ");
]%*c", line);
        if(*line == '.' && !line[1])
        parsePipe(line, cmds);
        //test print
        for(i=0; cmds[i]; ++i){
            int j=0;
                printf("'%s' ", cmds[i][j++]);
    return 0;

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