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Can an array have trailing padding?

I believe it was never considered necessary for the standard to actually spell out that arrays don't have padding, for the simple reason that there is absolutely no reason why such padding might ever be useful on any implementation.

That said, I do believe the standard forbids such padding, through the description of the == operator.

6.5.9 Equality operators


6 Two pointers compare equal if and only if [...] or one is a pointer to one past the end of one array object and the other is a pointer to the start of a different array object that happens to immediately follow the first array object in the address space.


int array[2][2];

the expression &array[0][2] points is a pointer one past the end of the first array subobject. &array[1][0] is a pointer to the second array subobject, which immediately follows the first array in memory. These pointers are required to compare equal. If int[2] had trailing padding, if sizeof(int[2]) > 2 * sizeof(int), I cannot imagine how any implementation could make the two pointers compare as equal.

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