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PHP ignore new lines that are blank characters when using nl2br

replace 2 or more continues and empty lines for only one

$text = "Hello

echo nl2br(preg_replace("/W+
+/", "
", $text));


Hello<br />
world<br />

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Having problems parsing file with multiple blank lines and extra spaces
Add a newline to the delimiter argument in both calls to strtok(): tempToken = strtok(buffer, " "); Remember, fgets() includes the newline in the line it reads, and strtok() was told to split on spaces, so the newline was included with the words. I can't quite wrap my head around how the strtok() function can detect consecutive spaces or newlines. It is saying white space and newline a

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regex to match graphic characters like smileys or word characters from multiple languages
The basic trouble is that the default re package (in python 2.7 at any rate) does not handle unicode very well. There is, however, a revamped regular expression package on pypi called regex that does a better job. The regex package readme states: 'The LOCALE flag is intended for legacy code and has limited support. You're still recommended to use Unicode instead.' With the regex package,

Categories : Python
Regex for password must contain at least 8 characters, at least 1 number, letters and special characters
Seems like you want something like this, ^(?=.*d)(?=.*?[a-zA-Z])(?=.*?[W_]).{6,10}$ The above regex would allow 6 to 10 characters only. And it also checks for at-least one digit, upper or lowercase letter and at-least one special character (characters other than letters and numbers).

Categories : PHP
Regex: words containing alphabetic characters surrounded by non-alphabetic characters
You didn't say which regex flavor you use, here's a way using PCRE: (?<!p{L})p{L}{1,2}(?!p{L}) Demo This translates your requirement in this way: groups of 1 or 2 alphabetic characters: p{L}{1,2} not preceded by an alphabetic character: (?<!p{L}) not followed by an alphabetic character: (?!p{L}) You can replace p{L} with something like [a-zA-Z] if your flavor doesn't support Unicode

Categories : Regex
Ignore the files from merging
AFAIK, you can't ignore files being merge, but after the merge completed (and conflicted were created), you're able to resolve conflicts in specific files using "your side" version or "their side" version of the file. To cite svn help resolve manual: --accept ARG : specify automatic conflict resolution source ('base', 'working', 'mine-conflict',

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