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update seperate records with a single button

U need to change the name of your checboxes and your check function:

    function check($id) {
        if (isset($_POST['attendance'][$id])) {
           return 'yes';
        } else {
           return 'no';

echo "<td align='center'>" . "<input
type=checkbox name='attendance[".$record['Id']."]'
value='". $record['Attendance'] . "' />

This way will u have an array of all the checkboxes with a link to the id of the attendant.

while ($students =
mysql_fetch_array($myData)) {
    $UpdateQuery = "UPDATE students SET
Attendance=' " . check($students['Id']) . " '
WHERE  Id=$students[Id]";
    mysql_query($UpdateQuery, $con);

On a sidenote. mysql_* functions are deprecated. U should move on to mysqli or PDO and start using prepared statements

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