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How to extract factory-friendly form element configuration array from an existing element instance in ZF2?

The short answer is no; you will have to roll your own.

You could create a independent class that can take any element and return the correct array by reading it's public methods; this is effectively reversing the functionality of the FormFactory.

A very brief example

class FormElementSerializer
    public function toArray(ElementInterface
        $spec =

        if ($element instanceof FieldsetInterface)
            $spec =
$this->getFieldsetSpec($element, $spec);

        if ($element instanceof Form) {
            $spec =
$this->getFormSpec($element, $spec);

        return $spec;

    protected function
getElementSpec(ElementInterface $element)
        $spec = array(
            'type' =>
            'name' => $element->getName(),
            'options' =>
            'attributes' =>
        return $spec;

    protected function
getFieldsetSpec(FieldsetInterface $fieldset, array
        foreach($fieldset->getElements() as
$element) {
            $spec['elements'][] =
        return $spec;

    // deals with hydrators, fieldsets etc
    protected function getFormSpec(FormInterface
$form, array $spec);

    // could be as simple as returning the class
    protected function
getElementType(ElementInterface $element);

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