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PHP: Dividing/Multiplying/Rounding, not exact number

Use the sprintf function in PHP:

$formattedOutput =

gives you the the $floatValue with one decimal. see PHP manual for sprintf

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Add a rounding method to Number.prototype in JavaScript
Extend Number.prototype. Numbers in Javascript are a data type that is associated with the built-in object "Number." Add the following polyfill block: if (!Number.prototype.round) { Number.prototype.round = function (decimals) { if (typeof decimals === 'undefined') { decimals = 0; } return Math.round( this * Math.pow(10, decimals) ) / Ma

Categories : Javascript
Dividing a list into two lists
You're using lstrip(). lstrip() will remove leading whitespace. The string " <=50K" has leading whitespace. So we might try to compare against a string that has no leading whitespace: if row[-1].strip() == "<=50K": Or perhaps: under_50k = [row[:-1] for row in training_list if row[-1].strip() == "<=50K"] over_50k = [row[:-1] for row in training_list if row[-1].strip() == ">50K"

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Algorithms for dividing an array into n parts
This is a variant of the partition problem (see for details). In fact a solution to this can solve that one (take an array, pad with 0s, and then solve this problem) so this problem is NP hard. There is a dynamic programming approach that is pseudo-polynomial. For each i from 0 to the size of the array, you keep track of all possible combinations o

Categories : Algorithm
Multiplying word size inputs x86
It seems like you have a bug in your first example. The result of the mul bl instruction will be a word-sized result in the AX register. But then you add the value at memory address num1 to the AL register. That's going to mess up your result if the addition results in a carry (i.e. makes AL roll past 255). Consider, for example, if the [num2] contains 30. The result of the mul bl instruction, the

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Dividing an array into optimum no of equal sum sublists
Finding a single subset with a given weight is NP hard. If you've some way to identify all the subsets of a given weight and whose costs are less than $300 then you need to solve an exact cover problem, which is NP hard in general. So you can't expect to find any algorithm with less than exponential complexity in the worst case. But what I'd try here is this: let W = total weight of all packages

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