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Changing background color of all views in project from one view controller?

that can be achieved by swizzeling in a class methode setter for the background into UIView.

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changing background color with php
You're forgetting a dollar sign before color when you echo your results: $color = 'color'; while($rows = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql)) echo $rows[color]; should be: $color = 'color'; while($rows = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql)) echo $rows[$color];

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changing background color of a webpage
I want to note there are a few problems in your CSS, for example: background-color;#5bc0de Needs to be: background-color:#5bc0de; Along with this you want a : on color: color: #428bca; Colors are in hexadecimal, if you know how it works you can tell what the color is by just looking at it. Think of it like this: #RRGGBB , where RR be the amount of red in the color. This ranges from 00 being

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Background color changing tiles
There is certainly a better way (as there usually is when you find yourself repeating code). Use CSS transitions for the animation effect, define a lot of classes - each for a different color, and randomly assign them with JavaScript. Here's a simple example showing what I wrote above in action. It supports unlimited number of tiles and colors. var tiles = document.getElementsByClassName('til

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Changing random css colour to background of one DIV and border-top-color of another
Create a variable of the color and then apply it to both css rules. var bgcolorlist=new Array("#ef5c20", "#a7dbca", "#c5e53f", "#ffad14"); var rgb = bgcolorlist[Math.floor(Math.random()*bgcolorlist.length)]; $(".cbp-hsinner").css("background-color",rgb); This way you're only pulling the random color once and applying it to both places you want it. Other than that there is no way to set the bord

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Changing the background color of buttons with SQL Server datatable, reference by button name
You need to use PanelButtons.Controls in both cases, and use the LocID from each DataRow to form the control name. The loops also don't need to be nested. For Each ctr In PanelButtons.Controls If TypeOf ctr Is Button Then ctr.BackColor = Color.Green End If Next For Each row In dt.Rows Dim btn = PanelButtons.Controls("cmd" & row("LocID")) If btn IsNot Nothing Then

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