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Laravel artisan always thinks its in local

Go to your laravel forge site and click on 'Edit Deploy Script'.

Change line 4 to

php artisan migrate --env=production

or whatever env you need.

You will need to do the same when running an artisan command in the console.

php artisan <command> --env=test

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Syncing local laravel project with existing git repository
You should not have to install Laravel first. You should: Clone locally the git repo from Github: $ git clone url_on_github Install Laravel packages dependencies with Composer: $ composer install Set permissions to some Laravel folders: $ chmod -R 775 app/storage

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Beacon With Local Notification
Could you please post how you are initialising your CLRegion and which beacons are you working with. I Suggest you should go for Estimote Beacons( They provide you with Estimote SDK which is a wrapper over CLregionManager and Local notifies when user comes in or goes out of beacon region. Also they have very good developer support and community. Hope that helps you.

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