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Django JOIN. select data + select count

Get all the categories:

categories =

Count the entries in them:

for category in categories:

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SELECT with a COUNT of another SELECT
Try a dependent subquery: SELECT t1.*, ( SELECT count(*) FROM sometable t2 WHERE = AND t2.status = 3 ) As somecolumnname FROM sometable t1 WHERE t1.status=0

Categories : Mysql
Do SELECT COUNT from 2 tables in MySQL
Try this. Use Conditional Aggregate logic to find StudentInCourseCount . Update : Osa E is right it should be Distinct Count. SELECT Count(DISTINCT s.SID) STUDENTCOUNT, sd.DEPARTMENT, sd.REGISTRATIONDATE, Count(CASE WHEN ENROLLDATE BETWEEN REGISTRATIONDATE AND REGISTRATIONDATE + 28 THEN 1 END) StudentInCourseCount FROM STUDENT S LEFT JOIN

Categories : Mysql
Assigning value to variable from a select count
You need to use SELECT INTO in PL/SQL to set values returning from SELECT queries. Can you change it as follows and see what error you get after that? Also IF EXISTS is not valid in Oracle, see here. I guess, you cannot get the values of the deleted row with CONTRATO.DATA_FIM_CONTRATO, instead, you need to write :old.DATA_FIM_CONTRATO. This time, here. create or replace TRIGGER ANULAR_CONTRATO

Categories : SQL
Select TOP x records and return count
I think you can just use a subquery: select sum(impact) from (select top 18 id, obsDate, impact from diseaseHits where diseaseID = 2 AND pCode = 3352 AND obsDate <= '2014/11/5 11:30:00 PM' ) t; I would also advise you to use a more standard date format, such as '2014-11-05 11:30:00 PM'.

Categories : SQL
Count and Display Combined Select Option Values
Yes, Google is a good idea to find what you're looking for. Look for a Javascript basics and a jQuery tutorial. I can recommend Codeschool, they are having very good free online courses for these topics. (Sign-up required but there are many free courses.) The courses are fun to do. They are structured in short video screencasts and afterwards you have to use that knowledge to pass the exercise.

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