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STL set_intersection runtime error

You are trying to write objects to an empty vector. You probably meant to use

v1.end(), v2.begin(), v2.end(),
                     [](const Mclass& arg1,
const Mclass& arg2)

        return ( <;

Note the addition of using std::back_inserter() to the output range. Also, as Igor Tandetnik pointed out in a comment, the predicate has to define a strict weak order on the objects not an equality relation. Note, that the inputs need to be sorted (in your example you created them sorted).

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I've had the same problem on upgrading to Android 5, and have just sorted it. The bug is in your native code, not in your java code. Somewhere in your native code you have a function that gets passed a FlacStreamEncoder object through jni as a jobject and you retrieve it with a line like: jclass streamEncoder = env->FindClass("fm.audioboo.jni.FLACStreamEncoder"); But JNI is supposed to use

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