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another vector vs dynamically allocated array

There shouldn't be a performance difference between vector and a dynamic array, since a vector is a dynamic array.

The performance difference in your code comes from the fact that you are actually doing different things between the vector and array version. For instance:

primes(primes_count, 0);
    for (auto i = 0; i < max_prime; i++) {
            if (is_prime[i]) {
    return primes;

This creates a vector of size primes_count, all initialized to 0, and then pushes back a bunch of primes onto it. But it still starts with primes_count 0s! So that's wasted memory from both an initialization perspective and an iteration perspective. What you want to do is:

std::vector<int> primes;
// same push_back loop
return primes;

Along the same lines, this block;

is_prime(max_prime, true);
    is_prime[0] = is_prime[1] = false;
    for (auto i = 2; i < max_prime; i++) {
            is_prime[i] = true;

You construct a vector of max_prime ints initialized to true... and then assign most of them to true again. You're doing the initialization twice here, whereas in the array implementation you only do it once. You should just remove this for loop.

I bet if you fix these two issues - which would make the two algorithms comparable - you'd get the same performance.

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