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Issue with PHP/MYSQLi Password validation using salt

First, you have some confusing variable naming here - you use $password to represent both the plaintext password and the salt-and-hashed representation. That makes it harder to read your code.

Second, let's look at your code as a series of states to find where they might be going wrong:

  1. Password entry. Is the same string being passed in both cases? Have you paid attention to whitespace and capitalization? Use a debugger to verify. If the plaintext password is not byte-for-byte identical, the initial sha256 hash should show differences at this point.
  2. Salt generation/retrieval. Did you save/retrieve the exact same salt, byte-for-byte? Again, watch for whitespace/capitalization and also check that your database isn't silently truncating or changing the encoding for the string.
  3. Compare the strings after they have been concatenated but before the second sha256 hash operation. By definition, since the final output is different, either your plaintext password or salt is not byte-for-byte identical. This will help you tell if one or both are the culprits.

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