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css - start new line when we reach width

for standard css you can use the white-space property (you can play with the values at w3schools:

for css3 (if you client support it) you can use word-wrap with break-word value

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Why is the maximum recursion depth non-deterministic on Oracle's Java 8? And why is it deterministic on OpenJDK 7? About that, possibly relates to changes in garbage collection. Java can choose a different mode for gc each time.

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how can we increase the width of an element when the width value is dynamically changing?
I think this would solve it better (might need the one or other adjustment, just a quick scrape): DEMO setInterval(function(){ grow('id',250) //set your parameters here }, 100); //this is the speed - the lower the quicker var width = 1; function grow(e,s) { document.getElementById('d1').style.width = width+"px"; width++; }; setInterval(function(){ grow('id',500

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Img height in proportion to img width, but img width is in % of parent
This should give you all you need. var img = document.getElementById('testImage'); // these vars are numbers representing a length in pixel var w = img.width, h = img.height; // displayed dimensions, change on resize var nw = img.naturalWidth, nh = img.naturalHeight; // dimensions of the original image file var proportion = nh / nw; // proportion < 1 : 'portrait', < 1 : 'landscape' Sinc

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css - start new line when we reach width
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