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Setting up eclipse in OS X (C++) ERROR: launch failed, binaries not found?

SO I solved my queries, here it goes:

  1. I realised that I first had to build my project once(just once) and then running it would be enough

  2. I still got the same error launch failed, i realised that eclipse could not locate the binary file that was built, I tried indicating the file directly,did not work, but what worked was setting the eclipse Parser as the mach-o-parser instead of the default elf.

  3. Another problem was to set the compiler from GNU to the mac compiler.

  4. For some people,downloading the 32-bit version worked,you could try this out.

  5. I also updated my version of eclipse from juno to luna(dint make a difference,did it anyway)

NOTE: for the above you need to have installed the JRE and Xcode command line tools

P.S I did not elaborate more as an individual google search will give you detailed steps,I wanted to indicate the problems and solutions that worked for me,the steps are already available.

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