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How to check if string matches pattern C

int main()
    char str[MAXSTR] = "A1234567890";

int isFormat(char str[MAXSTR])
    int len = strlen(str);
    int x=0, result=0;

    if(str[x] >= 'A' && str[x] <=
        for (x=1; x<len; x++)
            if(str[x] >= '0' && str[x]
<= '9')
                result = 1;
                return 0;
    return result;

You can write your own function to check that. This is just one of the example. You can use the isalpha() function, but you may need to include <ctype.h>. isalpha() takes in a char.

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You are expecting too much from your regular expression. The simplest way is to do this in two steps. Note first of all though that the (.+) which matches show in your example is too general. If you apply the pattern to show _3x01_3x02 ep. name then you will get show -- with a trailing space -- because the following [-._ ]+ (there is no need to escape the dot or enclose the character class in (?:

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Not a direct regex, but given the search string it is easy enough to build one: String main = "complete"; String search = "come"; char[] split = search.toCharArray(); StringBuilder regex = new StringBuilder(".*"); for (int i =0; i < split.length; i++) { regex.append(split[i]).append(".*"); } System.out.println(main.matches(regex.toString())); In this ex

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