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Error compiling a custom container for boost spirit

I'd simplify this by /just/ not treating things like a container and not-a-container at the same time. So for this particular situation I might deviate from my usual mantra (avoid semantic actions) and use them┬╣:

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template <typename It, typename
Skipper = qi::blank_type>
struct grammar : qi::grammar<It, MyContainer(),
Skipper> {
    grammar() : grammar::base_type(start) {
        update_number = '=' > qi::double_ [
qi::_r1 = qi::_1 ];
        map_entry     = qi::int_ > ';' >

        auto number =
phx::bind(&MyContainer::number, qi::_val);
        auto data   =
phx::bind(&MyContainer::data, qi::_val);

        start         = *(
            (   update_number(number) 
              | map_entry [ phx::insert(data,
phx::end(data), qi::_1) ]
            >> qi::eol);

    qi::rule<It, void(double&),      
Skipper> update_number;
    qi::rule<It, MyContainer::Pair(),
Skipper> map_entry;
    qi::rule<It, MyContainer(),      
Skipper> start;

If you can afford a (0;0) entry in your map, you can even dispense with the grammar:

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std::map<int, int> data;
double number;

bool ok = qi::phrase_parse(f, l, 
            (qi::omit['=' > qi::double_
          | (qi::int_ > ';' > qi::int_)
        ) >> qi::eol)
        , qi::blank, data);

I can try to make your "advanced spirit" approach work too, but it might take a while :)

┬╣ I use auto for readability, but of course you don't need to use that; just repeat the subexpressions inline or use BOOST_AUTO. Note that this is not generically good advice for stateful parser expressions (see BOOST_SPIRIT_AUTO)

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