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Implementing fread, fopen, and fwrite in C concurrently using two functions result in error?

Without better diagnostics from the online code check that you are using, it is really hard to pinpoint the error. If you suspect that the online code check fails for larger numbers (array sizes?) you may want to extend your own tests to better cover that scenario. If you suspect that the error is a segmentation fault (which I think could be the case, see below) you can also try to run your program in a tool like valgrind, which can tell you if you have any illegal memory access. A bug like that could work by accident on your local system but fail on a different system.

That being said, I think you have a bug in intarr_save_binary when you access the memory that you allocate with malloc. Look closely at how many bytes of memory you allocate. Say that ia->len is 3 and sizeof(int) is 4, in this case you are allocating 3*4 + 1 = 13 bytes, clearly not enough to hold 4 ints. In addition you seem to have an Off-by-one error in the following loop.

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