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Re create as objects and classes PHP

You can store the values in a object like

$obj = new stdClass; //create new
standard class object

$obj->id = $row['id']; //assign property value
$obj->title = $row['title'];
//further properties

... and so on

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List<MyArg> perfTestsArgs = new List<MyArg>() // <- close the bracket here, or remove () as @Mihai said { new MyArg("columns","1"), new MyArg("rows","1"), new MyArg("batch","1"), new MyArg("trips","400"), new MyArg("strict","true"), new MyArg("valueLength","1"), }; more details on initia

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You have not shared with us the value for SIZE; however, I'm guessing that you probably have it less than 10. If that were the case, then it would crash later when you're looping through Kmart3. Making this change should stop the crashing (at least it does in my testing): for (int i = 0; i < SIZE; i++) { if (Kmart3[i].get_item_name().length() > 0) cout << Kmart3[i].get_i

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Try this (C++11) - looks almost like Python: std::vector<Car> cars = {{"Red", 1986}, {"Black", 2007}, {"Blue", 1993}}; for (const Car& car : cars) { std::cout << "The car has the color " << car.color << " and is " << (2014 - car.year) << " years old." << std::endl; } C++ constructs involved: std::vector list initialization range for

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Try this: ArrayList<Sec> secs = new ArrayList<Sec>(50); // Declare this as a class field Inside that class' constructor, loop and add new Sec instances to each location. public YourClass() { for(int i = 0; i < 50; i++) secs.add(new Sec(...)); //include whatever valid arguments to Sec constructor }

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