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Web starter kit installation Error

I also got a few errors upon installing via the npm install command, but in order to get it to go away I relaunched command prompt in administrator mode. It solved the problem easily.

Hope it helps!

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You're trying to use wordpress locally i assume. Then you must have a local database to store wordpress's data. something like WAMP on windows or LAMP on linux. If you already have one of these then you are probably getting an error because your database is not turned on. or you have not edited the wp-config file to include the database the username and password for the database you cre

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Android lollipop error code -505 during installation app
Let me guess - you your apps were made with adobe air? It's a bug google introduced with lollipop. Its related to the SHA1 generation from some certificates. See:

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python pip installation error 'cannot fetch base index URL'
The problem is that the bundled SSL certificates seem to be out of date. Check that you are following the latest installation instructions and update your openssl installation. Or try the solution outlined in this question:

Categories : Python
SQL Server 2012 installation error: Landing Page
Delete the C:UsershyAppDataLocalMicrosoft_CorporationLandingPage.exe_StrongName_ryspccglaxmt4nhllj5z3thycltsvyyx directory, and try again. I believe the uninstall sometimes does not clean up the files completely.

Categories : Sql Server
Install components via Bower without SSL in ASP.NET 5 Starter Web project
The .bowerrc file can be located in one of the following: Local .bowerrc located in the current working directory All .bowerrc files upwards the directory tree .bowerrc file located in user’s home folder (%USERPROFILE%) bowerrc (without the dot) file located in %APPDATA%/bower/config But setting the bower registry URL is probably not enough as bower will still need the https protocol

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