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How to understand Linux top command result for a process?

You don't say if you have touched any of the allocated memory or not. Linux (by default) has a slightly unusual memory allocation strategy: when you call malloc the call always succeeds. "But what if there is no memory?" you ask. Well malloc doesn't get you a page of physical memory, just a page in your virtual address space (which is basically limitless). You will get a page fault when you try to access any of these pages and at this point the kernel will find you a physical page for your memory.

So that leaves us with the following:

Q1) RES is unchanged because you didn't ever use any more memory by allocating

Q2) VIRT (virtual memory allocated to task) has increased because you allocated virtual memory. This remains even after you free it, but since it isn't backed by physical memory it really doesn't matter.

I don't think I have enough information to answer Q3.

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I suggest using ssh/sftp, via the paramiko library. All major ciphers and hash methods are supported. SFTP client and server mode are both supported too. And it is cross-platform.

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You do not have to reinvent the wheel. There are tools out there for monitoring services. They will restart them if needed. Take a look at monit and supervisord

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Is the amount of data you're trying to read over 254 characters? Refer to: How to read very long input from console in C#? Console.ReadLine() max length?

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In linux OR in any of the system, if you want to download something from server, you send a request to the server and the server sends some response back. Now,obviously every server at least keeps a log of what all actions are being implemented and what all responses are being generated. At the very minimal, all user history will be flushed at server in minimal server but,even then there is a poss

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Print all PID from a tasklist command result
I figured it out by myself. The code bellow print all processes PID from an application (in my case : javaw.exe) for /f "tokens=1,2 delims = " %%A in ('tasklist /fi "imagename eq javaw.exe" ^| find ^"javaw^"') do echo %%B My seconds question still has no answer yet.

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