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Apache Spark map and reduce with passing values

Maybe you could use a class and work with it through the flow. I mean, define RevenueHour class

case class RevenueHour(date:
java.util.Date,revenue: Long, id: String)

Then built an intermediate RevenueHour in the map phase and then another one in the reduce phase.

val map: RDD[(Date, RevenueHour)] = => 
    getDateAs("hour", oo.getDate("date")), 
+ _),
).reduceByKey((o1: RevenueHour, o2: RevenueHour)
=> RevenueHour(getDateAs("hour",,
o1.revenue + o2.revenue,

I use o1 RevenueHour because both o1 and o2 will have same key and same id (because the where clause before).

Hope it helps.

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