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how to do update process in background

If you want to do things parallelly, multi-process(fork) or multi-thread(pthread) could be used.

You can fork a child process to do the update operation, or you can use pthread_create to do the samething.

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How to put background window/process on top
I get on simple solution, instead of get the process I just send the combination ALT+TAB and work for all cases that I need. Below the solution if anyone need in the future: string old_clipboard = Clipboard.GetText(); Clipboard.SetText("A123"); SendKeys.SendWait("%{Tab}"); SendKeys.SendWait("^V"); Thread.Sleep(100); Clipboard.SetText(old_clipboard); Ps.: I put one delay because the SendWait wor

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Rails using a background process app call back to trigger an event
The simplest way to do this is to set the page to auto refresh every few seconds, this will make the page fully refresh whether there was an update or not: <head> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30"> </head> If you want a bit more finesse, you might want to poll the server using ajax, and refresh the page (or the relevant part of the page) using javascript when needed:

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How can I test/debug the update process of my app from WP8 to WP8.1?
1) Correct. User data persists through an update. User data is removed when the app is uninstalled. 2) This is a WP8.1 feature. You would need to have the background task registered before the upgrade. It isn't useful for the initial install. 3) Try with a test app, but I expect that would work fine WP8 to WP8.1

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Queuing Requests(delayed job) on downloading large CSV size file as background process
The thing you're trying to do defeats the purpose of DelayedJob. When a user makes a request, the server should make a response in order to fullfill it. The problem is, that some requests take quite a lot of time to complete, and the user has to hang on and wait until it's done. A classic case – massive email delivery, but there are others, as you've mentioned, like data suite generation. W

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Windows Phone update binding from background thread
The object whose property you have bound to in the view must implement INotifyPropertyChanged. In your case, you're binding to snippet.DownloadPercentage, therefore the snippet class must implement INotifyPropertyChanged and must raise the PropertyChanged event in the setter of the DownloadPercentage property. You must also make sure that you only modify the DownloadPercentage property from the U

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